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You've reached the Roxy Fae link page! Thanks for visiting! Keep scrolling to down below where you'll find links to my music for streaming and social media but before that, please also consider checking out some of these other links that I would like to see get more love!

Community Rocks! is a non profit organization offering youth music, arts and athletics initiatives in South Jersey. They bring the community together with events and concerts featuring music written for kids, by kids who have participated in one of their many programs.

After library closures in her home town of Camden, Danielle Jackson became the Hoodbrarian, a traveling bard and hard working woman promoting literacy and sharing her love of reading.

The Painted Mug Café is a queer owned and operated safe arts space in Philadelphia here to foster growth and self expression. They're creating a space for folks to live their truth and share their art.

Roxy Fae streaming/social links

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